3-Layer Concept

 ANKY® continues to enjoy throughout the field of equestrian sports both at the amateur and professional levels. ANKY® clothing and horse wear fits in perfectly with the needs and requirements during daily training and competitions.

ANKY® provides consumers within in the equestrian field with specialised clothes and equipment. Latest product innovations, high tech materials and fashion trends are included. ANKY® has an unmistakable and unique signature. Expertise and experience are the basis for product development. The basis for every clothing collection is the 3-layer concept:

1 Moisture & Body temperature management
  • These fabrics pull moisture away from your body (wick), dry quickly, are breathe well and are extremely comfortable on your skin.
2 Insulation management
  • Light weight yet durable fabrics trap warm air pockets and hold them next to the body for greater comfort.
3 Wind & Rain management
  • ANKY® fabrics protects against wind, rain, and other weather conditions without losing their ability to breathe.