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DREAM TEAM Rider Evi van Rooij

Evi van Rooij got introduced with ponies when she was 2 and started horse riding when she was 4. Today she is very active in the equestrian sport, just like her twin sisters and dad, and soon she will start Z2 with her ponies Jango and Macho. The ponies of the family are stabled at home where they have an outdoor arena for their training. The whole family is actively involved in the care of the ponies, even grandpa helps sometimes! Below you can read everything about Evi’s dreams and ambitions.

I train at:
Marlies van Baalen, generally once or twice per 3 weeks and in addition I have staff training by Imke Schellekens Bartels. When my father is at home, he actually helps me as often as possible with my weekly training.  I’m very pleased with his help! It would be great to ever have a training by my biggest role model Charlotte Dujardin.I train on average five times a week

I go on competition on average
3 times a month


With my pony Jango to the European Championships! And after that I would like to make a successful transition to the horses and gain results as high as possible! Of course the most preferable would be if I could participate in the international Grand Prix and the Olympics.

Goal for 2019:
With Jango to the European Championships!

Charlotte Dujardin, because she makes horse riding look easy and has a beautiful style of riding.

Competition Ritual:
I don’t really have rituals, I only put on the noseband before a competition the same way as during training. If I don’t do this, I’m afraid that things will go different as at home and I want to prevent that.

Best Groom:
Daddy, because he’s always there and helps me with everything. Without him I wouldn’t be able to do this! He knows exactly when certain things have to happen and that’s nice. I can be sure that everything goes according to plan. At home my father trains me and my mother keeps everything clean: My clothes, pads, tendon boots and so on.

Things I don’t do to achieve my dream:
I see my friends less often then I want to and sometimes I can’t go to parties because I have to get up early the next day to go to a competition. It’s not a problem for me, I’m willing to do it! I’m actually not really fond of parties anyway. I also have a lot of friends within the horse world, so we have a great time at competitions.

Things I do to achieve my dream:
I dance twice a week (hiphop) to get extra fit. I don’t have a specific diet but I actually prefer eating fruits and vegetables over eating candies. My favourites are pineapple, watermelon and peppers.

This is how I deal with competition tension:
I can’t really handle competition tension. At the day of the competition I’m not hungry and have a little stomach ache, but once I’m riding my pony, I’m feeling instantly better!

Biggest setback:
That I couldn’t participate in the European Championships of 2018 because my pony got injured a couple of weeks before. I was really fed up with it.

This is how I deal with setbacks:
Be fed up with it for a little while, but then look forward and move on.

Biggest success:
Dutch Champion Z2 with Jango this year in Ermelo.

This is how I celebrate success:
If I get home, the house is decorated with garlands and the Dutch flag. Then we have a party with family and friends at home.

I have so many ANKY pads:

Favourite color ANKY pads:
Mineral Blue

Tips for riders with the same dream:
Keep training, look forward and never give up!