What are the warranty conditions?

Legal warranty
All items you buy from us have a legal warranty. This means that an article must be in good condition upon delivery and function properly under normal use. We also look at the economic life of the article, because one article lasts longer than the other. To make a warranty claim, you must be able to provide a copy of the invoice as proof of warranty.

What is a good product? 
 You should be able to use an item without problems for a certain period of time. How long an item lasts depends on what it is. A bridle has a longer life than a saddle pad.

When is a product not good?
An article is not good if it is incomplete, damaged or broken and / or it does not function properly.

Manufacturer's warranty
On some items you have a manufacturer's warranty in addition to the legal warranty. This extra warranty is valid for a limited time, for example for one year. These items come with a warranty certificate. You must keep this warranty certificate together with your receipt so that we can see which date you have purchased the item from us.

Your rights during the warranty 
 If an article does not function properly within the applicable warranty, we will look for an appropriate solution as soon as possible. Think of a free repair, a new item or a refund of your money. Is the problem with the article your own fault? Then you are not entitled to a free repair, a new item or a refund of your money. Did you use the item normally and is it just worn out? In that case, you are also not entitled to the above solutions.

Complaint or defect within warranty 
If you report an article complaint, we will check whether the warranty provisions, as described in the general terms and conditions, apply to your situation. If the complaint is legitimate, all costs (including shipping costs) within the warranty will be for our account.

Report complaint 
You can only report your complaint in writing to customer service. Send your e-mail with the description of the complaint and a copy of the warranty certificate to customerservice@anky-atc.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Where can I find my warranty certificate?

The invoice of the article is also the warranty certificate. Your invoices are in your account so you can always find your purchase.

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