ANKY® Moon Shine ATQ022
ANKY® Moon Shine ATQ022

ANKY® Moon Shine ATQ022

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Give your horse a beautiful, silver shimmer with ANKY® Moon Shine!

The ANKY® Sun Shine spray can be used on the horse’s mane, tail and coat. The spray cleans and cares, has a dirt repellent effect and keeps the tail tangle free multiple days. Your horse will shine like never before!

Instructions for use: shake before use, spray a thin layer of the product on the mane and tail evenly and let it dry, then comb with a soft brush. Always start brushing the lower part of the tail and work your way up. Do not use Sun Shine on paces that will be covered by tack. Store frost free.

Warning: avoid contact with eyes and do not inhale the spray. Do not use near food, drink or feedstuffs.
Skin and hair care
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