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Free Rider

Free Rider

The  ANKY®  Free  Rider  offers  a  wonderful   exercise  which  stimulates  the  cardiovascular   system  and  the  body  as  a  whole.  The  unique   combination    of  movements  of  both  horse   and  rider,  requires  much  effort  and   coordination,  which  stimulate  the  balance   within  your  whole  body. 

When  a  horse  moves,  the  rider  continuously   tries  to  maintain  his/her  balance  on  the   horse’s  back  as  he/she  is  constantly  thrown   off­‐balance.  In  a  effort  to  re‐balance,  this   exercise  causes  the  riders’  deep  muscles  to   contract  and  relax.  These  muscles  are  not   accessible  for  training    in  traditional  physical   therapy.

The  three-­‐dimensional  rhythmical   movements  of  the  ANKY®  Free  Rider  work  on  the  deep  postural  muscles  of  the  trunk,  pelvis,  hips  and  the  adductor   muscles  of  the  thighs.   Other  muscles,  such  as  the  quadriceps   and  hamstring,  are  also  worked  on,   depending  on  the  speed  of  the  horse.  The  ANKY®  Free  Rider  helps  you  to  find  a   better  balance,  core-­‐stability  and  will  at the  same  time  help  you  loose  weight  by slimming  your  waist  and  hips.     

Consult  a  doctor  before  using  the  ANKY®  Free   Rider  if  you  are:  Pregnant . Recovering  and/or  suffering  from  an  injury. Under  treatment  of  a  doctor/therapist.