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ANKY® hoofdstel ATH16003
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ANKY® hoofdstel ATH16003

Patent leather, bling-bling and round stitched straps… this ANKY® bridle has it all!

This symmetric ANKY® bridle is made of the finest English leather. Its anatomically shaped headpiece features soft leather padding and provides extra freedom behind the horse’s ears thanks to its round shape. The bridle has a narrow, curved browband with shiny synthetic gemstones in firmly-fixed rivets and soft leather facing. The throatlash is adjustable with a buckle at the bottom. Throatlash, cheekpieces and noseband straps are all made of rolled leather. The cheekpieces are fitted with hook stud billets. The extra wide, crank flash noseband (approx. 4.8 cm) is covered with patent leather for a glamour look. The noseband is round raised, softly padded and equipped with a wide chin pad. The anatomic shape of the noseband provides more space for the bit rings. The flash attachment is shaped like a V and the flash strap buckle features a protection flap. The bridle features shiny, silver-coloured fittings made of chrome-plated brass and comes with web grip reins (20 mm wide) with rolled ends. The reins are woven through with rubber for additional grip.


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